About Certification Plus™

Backed by uncompromising commitment to our customers and our Celiac Association Partners, the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) will soon be launching Certification Plus™...

Certification Plus™ is a unique marketing, promotional and advertising solution that is leading the way in the gluten-free certification industry. The program is driven by the power and circulation of the over one million and growing loyal followers of the GFFP and our nationwide Celiac Association partners.

Certification Plus™ Fosters the Trust, Reputation, Expert Knowledge and Reach of our Celiac Association Partners to Drive Meaningful Customer Engagement

  • Integrated approach targets and connects your business and brands on a meaningful level with the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Boosts and maintains a positive image for your business with the gluten-free consumer.
  • Informs target audiences about your products and brands through positive association with our leading Celiac Association partners.
  • Generates goodwill for your business and raises your profile with the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer market.
  • Drives consumer traffic to your websites and social media networks.
  • Compliments and supports your overall gluten-free marketing strategies, and all within your budgets.
  • Helps grow your sales and revenue.

Certification Plus™ Tactically Affiliates our certified customers with our Celiac Association partners to effectively boost brand awareness, break into new markets and help grow business

  • For our new certified customers or those with less established products, Certification Plus™ helps you place a strategic focus on new customer acquisition.
  • For our established certified customers, Certification Plus™ helps you focus on boosting brand recognition and customer retention.

... Stay tuned for more details about the program and official launch date! 

With growing public awareness about celiac disease and the benefits of going gluten-free, consumers are increasingly making choices based on a brand's gluten-free credentials.

Certification Plus™ Program Features

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Certification Plus™ programs are designed to help our GFFP certified customers target their marketing and promotional activities directly to the celiac communities and wider gluten-free audience in a cost-effective way.

Whether your focus is in a particular region, country or internationally, our programs ensure you reach your target audience with the help of our Celiac Association Partners:

Advertising: Tailor your advertising messages according to the profile characteristics of your products and brands with online banner ads targeted to our audience based on the sites they visit, or their Internet search terms.

Public relations (PR): Promote your products and brands directly with one or all three of our Celiac Association Partners. The purpose is to create goodwill between your business, the celiac communities we represent and the wider gluten-free consumer audience. This happens through paid promotional opportunities including articles, newsletters and social media coverage to garner favorable attention.

Sales promotion: Customize sales promotion activities that aim to boost sales of your gluten-free products. This can include coupon giveaways, buy-one-get-one-free offers or percent discounts.

Direct marketing: Aim and connect our audience to your websites, social media networks, online stores and catalogues to promote and sell your gluten-free products.

Digital marketing: We cover a lot of ground, from websites to search-engine, content, and social media marketing. Our digital marketing tools and techniques are available to market and promote your gluten-free experiences, values and business ideas to the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience.

Customize a program with us: We are available to discuss your marketing communication strategies. Certification Plus™ can support your innovative and unconventional ideas to actively engage gluten-free consumers, generate attention, memorable consumer experiences and achieve maximum exposure for your products and brands.

Certification Plus™ Strategic Advantage is the Power of Collaboration


Certification Plus™ Increasing Revenue Streams


Certification Plus™ Program Features

Certification Plus™ has over one million and growing views per year. Our certified customers can choose which program and listings they need.

*Customer listing
a, b, c, and e
*Customer listing
a, d, and e
*Customer listing
d and e

Each GFFP certified customer automatically receives a basic product listing free of charge on our consumer directory site www.gf-finder.com

Advanced Options

  • Full company profile
  • New product notifications
  • New customers
  • Various banner advertisements
  • Priority listings

Sample Paid Advertisement


GFFP Customer Free Listing on www.gf-finder.com

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Free Company Logo Listing with URL Link on Website