GFFP International Certification                                                                         Gluten-Free Mark of Trust™ for Global Markets


Seize the opportunities of the global gluten-free markets by leveraging the knowledge and networks of GFFP international's gluten-free certification experts

Today’s gluten-free marketplace is more global than ever. If you’re not taking advantage of opportunities beyond your borders, you may be stalling the growth of your business. GFFP:

  • Understands the challenges of reaching global target markets with a wealth of international experience
  • Maintains an updated knowledge of the most current international gluten-free regulations and standards
  • Is globally recognized as a leader and innovator in the gluten-free certification industry by our peers, consumers, manufacturers and grocery retail organizations

Top reasons to put your confidence in GFFP for your global gluten-free certification services:

  1. International expertise: Our international team can take you through a comprehensive overview of the gluten-free regulatory landscape for each market
  2. Vigilance with updates: We understand that your global target markets have trust in certification that exist within their own borders, so we focus ensuring that your products are certified according to the very latest country requirements
  3. Global testing labs: GFFP can assure access to AOAC International accredited gluten-free verification laboratories
  4. An end-to-end solution: We can plan a global gluten-free certification strategy and integrate requirements according to your products and desired markets to ensure your ongoing gluten-free compliance
  5. Local knowledge: Experience with local markets and processes translate into speed-to-market efficiencies

GFFP's international offices are located in Europe (United Kingdom), Australia and New Zealand. To speak with a GFFP representative please visit our contact page or send a request to