The Value of GFFP’s Celiac Association Partners

Bringing credibility, trust and brand loyalty to our certified customers

When you become gluten-free certified with GFFP, you automatically align your business and brands and receive the power, benefits and endorsement with our nationwide Celiac Association Partners.

Credibility matters, the value of the endorsement provides gluten-free brand owners with the kind of exposure needed to effectively market and communicate with the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience - it generates interaction with you business and brands and helps build genuine relationships.  

Aligning your gluten-free brands with our Celiac Association Partners will not only assure gluten-free consumers that your business is operating with recognized gluten-free best practices, it will also raise brand awareness, brand interaction and long-term customer brand loyalty.

Our Celiac Association Partners have a wide membership base and receive over one million and growing website hits per year, with additional reach through their social media networks, newsletters and magazine communications.


About the National Celiac Association (NCA)


The National Celiac Association is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating and advocating for individuals with celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivities, their families, and communities throughout the nation.

NCA actively supports and nurtures all those who are part of the celiac community.  Until there's a cure... there's NCA.

NCA is an endorsement partner of the GFFP’s Gluten-free Manufacturing Program (GFMP) and Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP).

NCA Practices:

  • We educate, advocate and raise awareness of celiac disease and gluten intolerance through a broad range of programs.
  • We keep a close affiliation with a core of expert gastroenterologists and nutritionists.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial contacts within the medical community to help educate medical professionals about celiac disease and to keep abreast of recent scientific studies for the benefit of its members.
  • Circulate current information about celiac disease and adherence to a gluten-free diet to the community.
  • Engage in other activities related to educating the public about celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivities and improving the quality of life of those diagnosed with celiac disease.
  • We provide empowerment to live with a chronic disease and share a positive outlook as ambassadors of the disease.

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About the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA)


The Canadian Celiac Association is a volunteer-based, federally registered charitable organization with its national office in Mississauga, Ontario. Founded in 1972, the association serves people with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity and dermatitis herpetiformis through affiliated chapters across Canada. The CCA is here to help its members regain power over every aspect of their lives. With increased research incentives powered by our donors, community networking, and mutual support, we are regaining power over our disease, our bodies, and our lives.

CCA is an endorsement partner of the GFFP’s Gluten-free Restaurant Program (GFRP).

CCA’s Purpose:

  • To promote the health of people with celiac disease and other health conditions exacerbated by gluten, by providing them with access to related information, counselling or group support programs.
  • To advance education by training medical practitioners, students, nurses, dietitians, nutritionists and other health service professionals to diagnose, treat and manage diseases and conditions exacerbated by gluten.
  • To advance education by conducting and/or funding research into the causes and possible treatments of diseases and conditions exacerbated by gluten and making the results available to the public.
  • To promote excellence in the agricultural and food processing industries in Canada for the benefit of the public by conducting and/or funding research on best practices related to the agricultural and food processing industries’ production, manufacturing, and distribution of safe and reliable gluten-free ingredients and products and by disseminating the results of the research to the public.
  • To promote health by providing the public with training and information on gluten-free ingredient and product identification, and on how to prevent the cross contact of gluten-free ingredients and products.

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About the Canadian Celiac Association (CQ)


Cœliaque Quebec, provides services and support to its members in the French language. Its mission is to improve the lives of people who are affected by celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity with information on the disease and the gluten-free diet.

CQ is an endorsement partner of the GFFP’s Gluten-free Restaurant Program (GFRP).

CQ’s Practices:

Since 1983, CQ has supported people with celiac related disorders as well as the health professionals who accompany them on their medical journey. CQ raises awareness among the general public, patients and those around them, as well as celiacs awaiting diagnosis. CQ is often solicited by the government, health professionals and researchers on the issues surrounding celiac disease.

CQ provides support to people before screening, following a recent diagnosis and even several years after they have been diagnosed. In addition to offering support, CQ has created training for health professionals in order to optimize the screening and follow-up of affected patients and how to offer them better interprofessional follow-up. CQ’s vision is to be the benchmark for celiac disease in Quebec by providing celiacs, their loved ones, health professionals, government and various stakeholders in the food industry information and support.

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New Celiac Organization/ Associations

The Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) is expanding the Manufacturing Certification and Restaurant Certification Programs to other countries around the world. Please contact GFFP if you would like to recommend an internationally based Celiac Association or Gluten-Free business interested in adopting our Standards and providing endorsement of our Certified Mark of Trust™.
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