About the Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP)


Connecting Restaurants and Foodservice Establishments with the Gluten-Free Community

A gluten-free lifestyle has become one of the most popular diet trends and today the top dining and menu lists almost all include some mention of gluten-free options. The demand for gluten-free is driven largely by the growing awareness of the health benefits of gluten-free food and the prevalence of gluten intolerance.

While many restaurant and foodservice owners understandably want to tap into this gluten-free trend, offering gluten-free food to customers with celiac disease and gluten-sensitivities requires restaurants and foodservice establishments to take non-negotiable gluten-free food safety precautions. These people often fear dining out because they have no control over the preparation of their food. They want assurances that the restaurants and foodservice establishments they frequent understand the issues related to gluten-free food preparation and have authenticated procedures in place that will keep them safe and allow them to have an enjoyable dining experience.

For the gluten-free customer, knowing a restaurant and foodservice establishment have a credible and identifiable third-party gluten-free program in place increases confidence. For the restaurant and foodservice owner, the Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP) functions as a strategic partner by taking the guesswork out of developing and delivering a gluten-free safety program that promotes the restaurant and foodservice establishment as safe, reliable and committed to the gluten-free community.

GFRP Certification

GFRP Certification was developed in partnership with North American’s leading Celiac Associations to help the restaurant and wider foodservice  industry serve gluten-free menu options that are truly safe and reliable.

GFRP Certification standards is available to a wide range of restaurant and foodservice businesses including restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences and hospitals as well as caterers, remote camps, executive dining rooms, hotels and convention centers.

GFRP Certification is designed to help restaurants and foodservice establishments meet gluten-free regulatory requirements and receive the knowledge, systems, and training needed to keep gluten-free customers safe.

GFRP Certification assures the gluten-free community that certified restaurants and foodservice establishments have met the highest industry requirements as recognized by the National Celiac Association (NCA) in the United States, and the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) and Coeliaque Quebec (CQ) in Canada.

GFRP Certification supports the smallest to the most sophisticated restaurants and foodservice establishments to deliver a best-in-class gluten-free program. Participation in the program confirms a sincere commitment to the gluten-free community and helps restaurants and foodservice establishments effectively market, communicate and maximize long-term customer loyalty.


About GF-Dedicated and GF-Verified Certification


Depending on whether your restaurant and foodservice establishment is a dedicated or non-dedicated gluten-free operation, your systems will be reviewed as part of either the GF-Dedicated or GF-Verified programs.  The programs help the gluten-free community identify your operation as knowledgeable, trained and qualified to offer safe, reliable gluten-free menu items and dining experience.

GFRP Standards provides restaurants and foodservice establishments with a framework for gluten-free best practices and provides awareness of the legal and regulatory aspects when making gluten-free claims. Annual review includes gluten management policies and procedures for the consistent sourcing, training, production, serving and management of safe, reliable gluten-free foods.

  • Senior management commitment to the implementation of the GFRP requirements.
  • Adherence to GFRP food handling policies and procedures to prevent accidental contamination.
  • Staff training to ensure appropriate oversight of the day-to-day GFRP program.
  • Ongoing gluten-free planning and implementation according to the GFRP requirements.

GF-Dedicated or Verified to Suit Your Business Needs

GF-Dedicated Certification: Restaurants and foodservice establishments displaying this Mark indicates all food options sold are gluten-free and meets the GFRP Standards.

GF-Verified Certification: Restaurants and foodservice establishments displaying this Mark indicates the restaurants and foodservice establishments sells both gluten-containing and gluten-free options, where the gluten-free options meet the GFRP Standards.

How to Become GF-Dedicated or GF-Verified Certified

  1. Apply to the program online or directly with a GFFP representative and receive the program technical documents and requirements.
  2. Sign a GFRP Program Licence Agreement confirming the terms for your participation in the program.
  3. Review your existing gluten-free program to identify potential operational gaps and implement any necessary changes.
  4. Schedule your certification review.
  5. Schedule your GF-Smart online training for required staff.
  6. Receive your Certificate of Recognition confirming your restaurants or foodservice establishment as certified GF-Dedicated or GF-Verified and display your certificate at your establishment’s entrance for customers to see.

Annual Renewal Review

  • Ongoing participation in the GFRP requires an annual certification review.
  • Renewals are schedule at least 3 months prior to the expiry date of your current GF-Dedicated or GF-Verified certificate.
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Receive Your Complimentary Marketing and PR  Services

Included with certification, each GFRP certified establishment will receive marketing and PR services to help promote your establishment to the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer market.  Marketing and PR services include:

  • GF-Dedicated or GF-Verified door/window decal. Make the most of that valuable real estate and entice passersby to stop in to see what your gluten-free restaurant and foodservice establishment is all about.
  • Marketing messaging, positioning statements and branding guidelines for use on menus, message boards, websites and other social media networks – craft the perfect advertisement message to your target audience.
  • Your establishment will receive a free listing in our searchable customer database - www.gf-finder.com

A GFRP representatives will work closely with you and provide the neccessary support and guidance throughout the certification process as required.

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GFRP Certification Facts and Questions

About GF-Smart Training


GF-Smart is a suite of training modules designed for managers, servers, and back of house staff covering the essential elements of a restaurants and foodservice establishments gluten-free program.  Topics include ingredient sourcing, proper storage practices, avoiding cross-contamination, gluten-free food preparation and serving.

Benefits of GF-Smart Training:

  • Understand the dietary needs of a growing medically diagnosed celiac group and why avoiding contamination matters.
  • What is involved in offering gluten-free food.
  • How to plan and manage a gluten-free system once it is in place.
  • Increase confidence and self-assurance when dealing with a gluten-free request.
  • Provide better gluten-free customer service and engagement.
  • Receive fewer customer complaints, improved job efficiency and increase job satisfaction.
  • Be socially responsible.

How to Get GF-Smart Training

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Technical Requirements
You can access your course on any device (with internet access) including your:

  • smartphone
  • tablet
  • laptop
  • computer

To Complete Your Exam You Will Need: 

  • a computer or laptop with a webcam.
  • a modern browser (available as a free download)
  • an email address

Valid in Your State or Province

Recognized in your State or province and throughout the United States and Canada. You'll be a GF-Smart Trained Food Handler for 3 years.

100% Online

Take the training anywhere, from any device with an internet connection. Complete your exam anytime – no need to schedule in advance.

Same Day Certification

Get your certificate today or go at your own pace. You have unlimited days to complete your training.

Unlimited Exam Attempts

There's no need to worry about not passing the training exam on the first try. You can retake the exam as many times as needed for free.

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