Gluten-Free Certification for Manufactured Products

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GFFP is Your Premier Partner in Gluten-Free Certification

When you work with GFFP, know that you are working with an organization that is committed to helping our customers remain competitive in the ever-growing gluten-free market and achieve lasting brand loyalty.


Developed by Experts

GFFP's Standards have been developed by industry specialists in conjunction with the National Celiac Association for the food service industry.


High Standards

GFFP's Standards are cross referenced to FDA Regulations and Codex Standard for Foods for Special Dietary Use for Persons Intolerant to Gluten.


Efficient & Affordable

GFFP's gluten-free certification requirements are developed with our customers in mind. A great customer experience and lower costs are top priorities.


True Personalized Service

We recognize that each GFFP customer is unique, so we tailor how we work to support each customers' gluten-free business needs and manufacturing systems.

GFFP Certified Mark of Trustâ„¢

Displaying the GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™ on product packaging gives added assurance to consumers looking for safe, reliable gluten-free products they can trust.

GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™ is easily identifiable and meets North American and worldwide gluten-free trademark regulations. It shows consumers that products bearing the logo are manufactured in a GFFP approved facility and have systems in place to ensure products they produce meet legal FDA requirement for gluten-free food labeling along with stringent gluten test standards of 5 parts-per million (ppm) or less, as established by National Celiac Association.

National Celiac Association endorsement provides gluten-free manufacturers and brands with a powerful supporting message to help effectively market and communicate with the gluten-free community, build genuine relationships and maximize long-term customer loyalty.
Steps to Become Certified

GFFP Gluten-Free Certification for Manufactured Products

Our unique approach to gluten-free certification enables our customers to reduce expenses, increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge in the gluten-free marketplace.

GFFP gluten-free certification is a voluntary gluten-free certification program developed by industry specialists with standards founded on globally accepted preventative, gluten-free safety approaches for the manufacturing of gluten-free products. 

GFFP gluten-free certification provides standards and best practices recognized by the gluten-free community to help our customers address the prevention and control of gluten cross-contamination and help augment existing gluten-free production procedures.  Implementation of the GFFP gluten-free certification increases consumer confidence that manufacturing procedures have been reviewed by a neutral party and demonstrates legitimacy of the manufacturer’s gluten-free processes.

To further support certification, GFFP requires that all GFFP certified products meet the strictest industry requirement of less than 5 parts-per-million (ppm) as established by the National Celiac Association. This promotes the highest safety standard, confidence and brand loyalty amongst the celiac community and those who require gluten-free products for other health reasons. 

GFFP certifies products manufactured at both dedicated and non-dedicated gluten-free production facilities so long as those facilities conform to the requirements as set out in the GFFP Standards.

Brand owners producing gluten-free products directly through a manufacturing facility certified with GFFP can enter into a license agreement and receive the GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™ displaying products as certified, safe and reliable.

Endorsed by the National Celiac Association

National Celiac Association endorsement provides gluten-free brands with a powerful supporting message to help effectively market and communicate with the gluten-free community, build genuine relationships and maximize long-term customer loyalty.  

National Celiac Association

Steps to Become GFFP Certified

  1. Apply online or contact a GFFP representative directly to complete the GFFP application process.
  2. A GFFP representative will contact you to confirm cost for certification.
  3. Obtain a copy of the GFFP Standards.
  4. Sign a GFFP Program Licence Agreement confirming the terms of use of the GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™.
  5. Complete the GFFP certification evaluation review.
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Once GFFP gluten-free certification has been completed the following information and services will be provided:

Receive your GFFP Certificate of Recognition notifying that your gluten-free products meet the National Celiac Association requirements for gluten-free certification.

Receive electronic copies of the GFFP Certified Mark of Trust™ logos and messaging for use on your product packaging and in marketing communications, websites and social media networks to help clearly promote your products as ‘certified gluten-free’.

Receive a free business and products listing on, a consumer-focused website designed to promote GFFP's certified customers to the celiac community, wider gluten-free consumer public.

Note: Ongoing GFFP gluten-free certification requires an annual evaluation before the anniversary date of your GFFP Certificate of Recognition. Fees are applied on an annual basis.

Have questions or not sure where to start?

Contact us to speak with a representative or receive a no-obligation quote. Our staff is available anytime to answer questions and help navigate the decisions toward achieving gluten-free certification for your company.

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