GFFP is a Gluten-Free Certification Leader and Innovator

Over the years, GFFP has succeeded in becoming a gluten-free certification leader while continuously innovating and discovering new ways to help our customers grow their businesses and build brand loyalty.

  • GFFP certification is a standard for gluten-free excellence available for product manufacturers and the foodservice industry.
  • Our Certification Mark of Trust™ is endorsed by leading nationwide Celiac Associations in the United States and Canada.
  • With offices in North America and our International offices, our certification program reaches all corners of the world to support and serve our customers globally.
  • Our practical approach to certification means our certification fees are the most affordable in the industry.
  • We tailor marketing and promotional activities to help our customers promote their gluten-free brands, increase exposure and effectively reach their audience.

Going Beyond Certification

  • We offer free company/product listings on our website to help our customers optimize exposure and build brand loyalty.
  • Explore our Certification Plus™ advanced marketing and promotion program and see how you can do even more with your advertising and social media campaigns.
  • GFFP gives back and invests financially with our Celiac Association Partners to support the volunteers and important advocacy work they do for the celiac communities they serve across the United States and Canada.

Benefits of Working with GFFP


GFFP is uniquely positioned to serve the gluten-free market by offering certification services to both manufacturers of gluten-free products and restaurants that offer gluten-free menu offerings.

GFFP certification services are strategically endorsed by the National Celiac Association, Canadian Celiac Association and Coeliaque Quebec. These endorsements provide high-level visibility and credibility for GFFP certified customers that enables them to target, communicate and effectively reach the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience.

GFFP’s consumer driven website is designed to help our certified customers promote their businesses and brands directly to the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience.   The website is informative and built with compelling features that targets and engages new viewers and offers personalized user experience that keeps visitors returning to the site to explore and enjoy eye-catching updates and new customer brand listings. 

GFFP offers Certification Plus™, an innovative marketing and promotion program designed strategically to connect gluten-free brand owners with consumers. Explore our Certification Plus™ and see how you can do even more with your advertising and social media campaigns.

To support our certified customers in North America and internationally, GFFP has office locations in the United States, Canada, Europe (United Kingdom), Australia and New Zealand, and we continually look to expand in other markets to support and help our GFFP certified customers grow their business globally.

Did You Know the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) Has Three Celiac Association Partners?

Our Celiac Association partners endorse our certification programs across the United States and Canada … together, they receive over 1 million website visits a year!

GFFP has a unique and strategic working relationship with the leading Celiac Associations in the United States and Canada.

GFFP is proud to financially support the National Celiac Association, Canadian Celiac Association and Coeliaque Quebec. Through our support and contributions, these incredible associations are able to continue the important work they do to support our celiac communities and the wider gluten-free consumer audience though the excellent advocacy work and support they provide.

The GFFP Gluten-Free Certification Standards have been designed by industry specialists in conjunction with our Celiac Association partners for the manufacturing and foodservice industries.

Andrew Batten

Introducing the Gluten-Free Food Program CEO/President

Andrew Batten is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP).  Under his leadership and through his close relationships within the gluten-free community, GFFP has established itself as a leading and highly recognized gluten-free certification organization in North American and globally. His passion for customer service and relationship building has allowed Andrew to build, modernize and develop GFFP well beyond the gluten-free certification industry norms. His objective is to support GFFP customers and bringing the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer together in innovative and unique ways.

Under Andrew's leadership, GFFP has accelerated its growth through the acquisition of the National Celiac Association (NCA) Recognition Seal Program, the longest running gluten-free certification company in the United States, originally established by the Celiac Support Association (CSA).

About the Gluten-Free Manufacturing Program (GFMP)


The Program Was Established in 2004:

In 2004 the National Celiac Association (NCA) established the Gluten-Free Manufacturing Program (GFMP) and was the first program in North America to recognize manufacturers and brand owners that meet the strictest criteria of “WBRO-Free (free of wheat, barley, rye, and oats – specially processed gluten-free oats accepted) in Product, Processing and Packaging,” while also providing advocacy and education for those people suffering from celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivities.

GFMP is a voluntary program developed by industry experts with standards founded on globally accepted preventative, gluten-free safety approaches for the manufacturing of gluten-free products. Implementation of GFMP’s third-party gluten-free certification standards increases consumer confidence that manufacturing procedures have been reviewed by a neutral party and demonstrates legitimacy of the manufacturer’s gluten-free processes.

Brand owners producing gluten-free products directly through a manufacturing facility participating in the GFMP can enter into a license agreement with GFMP and receive the GFMP Certified Mark of Trust™ displaying products as certified, safe and reliable.

GFMP Objectives:

  • Be an established leader and innovator within the gluten-free certification industry driven to support the ever-growing needs of our customers’ gluten-free food safety requirements.
  • Create a practical gluten-free standard for all manufacturing sectors that is recognized and supported by leading Celiac Associations and Allergen organizations around the world.
  • Provide our customers with gluten-free certification at the most affordable price and delivered with great customer service standards.
  • Supply value-add services to our customers by promoting them to the celiac community, wider public and grocery retail organizations.

GFMP - History


The Gluten-Free Manufacturing Program (GFMP) was originally established in 2004 by the Celiac Sprue Association’s (CSA) Recognition Seal Program and was the first of its kind in the United States to certify manufacturers.


In 2017, the National Celiac Association (NCA) acquired the assets of CSA, including this program.


The NCA needing to focus on its advocacy and education transferred the program to the Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) and is now managed and marketed under the Gluten-Free Manufacturing Program (GFMP).

About the Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP)

GFFP owns and operates the Gluten-Free Restaurant Program (GFRP), a membership-based program for restaurants and foodservice establishments dedicated to improving gluten-free food safety knowledge and skills. GFRP specializes in providing expert gluten-free certification standards, conformance specifications and training to a wide range of the foodservices sectors including restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, schools, universities, seniors’ residences and hospitals as well as caterers, remote camps, executive dining rooms, hotels and convention centers.

Certification in the GFRP assures the gluten-free community that certified restaurants and foodservice establishments have met the highest industry requirements as recognized by the National Celiac Association (NCA) in the United States, and the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) and Coeliaque Quebec (CQ) in Canada.

GFRP certification consists of “GF-Dedicated” and “GF-Verified” programs specifically designed to support both dedicated and non-dedicated gluten-free food establishments. Included with certification is “GF-Smart” professional training for managers, servers and back of house staff covering the essential elements for preparing and serving gluten-free food. Together, the programs broaden the availability of safe gluten-free options and unique dining needs of the rapidly growing gluten-free seeking consumer.

GFRP certification supports the smallest to the most sophisticated restaurants and foodservice establishments to deliver a best-in-class gluten-free program. Participation in the program confirms a sincere commitment to the gluten-free community and food establishments effectively market, communicate and maximize long-term customer loyalty.

GFRP Goals:

  • Improve the day-to-day living of those suffering from a gluten-related disorder by improving the availability of a safer dining experience by approving restaurants and foodservice establishments that serve gluten-free menu items.
  • Create a gluten-free standard for the restaurant and foodservice industry that is recognized and supported by the leading Celiac Associations and Allergen organizations around the world.
  • Certify restaurants and foodservice establishments that can successfully demonstrate gluten-free processes are being carried out – it’s about having processes which demonstrate quality controls and gluten-free risk management.
  • Provide restaurants and foodservice establishments with gluten-free certification at the most affordable price and delivered with great customer service standards.
  • Supply value-add services to restaurants and foodservice establishments by promoting them to the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer audience.

The Gluten-Free Community

From children to people in their older years, the gluten-free community is looking for ways to identify safe and reliable gluten-free options they can trust. The ability to purchase products in stores and when dining out is a convenience taken for granted by most. But for people who require to eat gluten-free for medical reasons, it is often a source of fear, frustration or disappointment.

A gluten-free lifestyle has become one of the most popular trends driven largely by the growing awareness of gluten-free health benefits and the prevalence of gluten intolerance.

While gluten-free manufacturers and restaurants understandably want to tap into this gluten-free trend, the gluten-free consumer also wants assurances that the products they purchase are truly gluten-free.

GFFP certification programs are developed to directly serve gluten-free providers who are committed to improving the day-to-day living of those looking for safe and reliable gluten-free options. We provide the kind of exposure needed to effectively market and communicate with the gluten-free community to help build genuine relationships and maximize long-term customer loyalty.

Find out more about our programs and become a valued member of our trusted customer network.

Free Website Listing Will Boost Exposure and Build Your Business

GFFP helps our certified customers target and connect with consumers.

GFFP certified customers receive the benefit of a free listing of their gluten-free products or restaurants on our consumer driven website

Our Objectives


We believe that connecting with customers is a strategic effort to create relationships with the gluten-free market.

GFFP is so much more than a gluten-free certification business. We go well beyond to help our customers build deeper connections with the celiac community and wider gluten-free consumer market. We work closely with our customers to help drive engagement and build long-lasting brand trust and loyalty.

About Us

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GFFP provides Gluten-Free certification to manufacturers of gluten-free products and Restaurants offering gluten-free menu options.

GFFP certification is delivered through our nationally recognized gluten-free certification programs:

  • GF-Certified – certifying manufacturers of gluten-free products
  • GF-Dedicated and GF-Verified – certifying restaurant and foodservice establishments
  • GF-Smart – gluten-free professional training designed for managers, servers, and back of house staff covering the essential elements of a restaurants and foodservice establishments gluten-free program.