As part of our Allergen-Free Recognition Program for Hotels and Holiday Destinations, hotels and resorts across the globe have the opportunity for us to visit and do a top allergen and gluten-free review of their restaurants, procedures, and staff training.

We have put together a Gluten-free Food Program rating system that includes criteria that the gluten-free community wants to know when choosing a travel destination.

Our purpose is to visit selected resorts and hotels worldwide, evaluate them based on a GFFP-designed rating system, and communicate our results to our growing gluten-free following on our gluten-free finder website blogs and social channels.

Our list of topics include:

How many restaurants have gluten-free options?
Do they inquire about food allergies upon check-in?
Do they have separate prep areas for all gluten-free restaurants?
Have stuff been trained to handle gluten-free guests?
What type of cuisine is offered
at the resort or hotel?
And more…

Our findings will be published, live while at the resort, in written blogs on our gluten-free finder website, and in social posts on our gluten-free food program and gluten-free finder accounts.

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