Announcing, Gluten-Free Travel Reviews for Hotel & Holiday Destinations

We would like to announce that as part of our Allergen-Free Recognition Program for Hotels and Holiday Destinations, that as we travel to selected hotels and resorts across the globe, we will be conducting gluten-free travel reviews. We have put together a Gluten-free Food Program rating system that includes criteria that the gluten-free community wants to know when choosing a travel destination. This system will be used during our stay and in our gluten-free travel review. The review will be done on their restaurants, procedures, and staff training based on the consumer experience. It will include gluten as well as a list of other top allergens that an establishments may need to cater to.

Our Purpose

Our purpose for the gluten-free travel reviews, is to visit selected resorts and hotels worldwide, evaluate them based on a GFFP-designed rating system, and communicate our results to our growing gluten-free following on our gf-finder website blogs and social channels.

Topics Covered

The topics covered during our gluten-free travel reviews are based on consumer feedback to determine how safe a hotel or holiday destination is for a person with celiac disease.

Topics include but are not limited to:

the number of restaurants at the hotel or resort

how many restaurants offer gluten-free options

if the hotel inquires about food allergies upon check in

if they have a separate prep area and fryer

staff training, type of cuisines offered

and more…

Our findings will be published, live while at the resort, in written blogs on our gluten-free finder website, and in social posts on our gluten-free food program and gluten-free finder accounts.