We were so pleased that we could attend the SIAL Canada international food & beverage tradeshow from April 20 – 22, 2022.

SIAL Canada is a national trade show that offers a complete range of food products under one roof for the retail, catering or food processing industry, including an opportunity for businesses to showcase new and innovative products or regional specialties from around the world.
While at the show, we spoke with Gluten-Free Food Program certified gluten-free brand, Bonbon Collections, Thao Nguyen and Noe Ludovic, who are proud to be a part of the GFFP program, displaying their certificate on the wall in their booth.
Founded in 2016, Bonbon Collections specializes in the manufacture of pastries, sweet treats and gourmet pleasures free from Top-10 allergens. That means no gluten, no artificial dyes or artificial ingredients. 100% of the products are natural and vegan.
The brand’s products are available in hundreds of points of sale in Canada but also via the online store
Thanks for letting everyone know that you are a Gluten-Free Food Program certified brand!