All-Inclusive Resort Falls Short on Gluten-Free Options Available

In April, 2023, we conducted our first resort review as part of our Allergen-Free Recognition Program for Hotels and Holiday Resort Destinations at the Grand Sunset Princess Resort & Spa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. While the resort had a lot to offer, this all-inclusive resort falls short when it comes to gluten-free options. This is one of the reasons, the Gluten-Free Food Program encourages holiday destinations to become part of our program. We want to ensure food safety to those who need it.

Who We Spoke With:

We were able to speak with the hotels Chief Conceirge and Assistant to the Chief Conceirge during our visit. We tried to book an appointment with someone from the resort, prior to our trip without succes. It also took days during our stay to finally speak with someone.

The two conceirges knowledge of the food safety practises seemed accurate but we can only speculate that the answers to our questions are correct and truthful since they are not a head chef or management.

What Questions We Asked:

Do they have separate prep areas for all gluten-free restaurants? YES. The conceirge informed us that by law, the resort has to have separate areas for allergens such as gluten, nuts and others. We were unclear as to by what law or if it is resort policy, partly because of the language barrier.

Do they have dedicated equipment? YES. We were told that by law separate preparation areas are required for those with allergies.

Do they cater for other food alergies? YES. They also deal with nuts, shelfish and dairy for example.   

Are menus labeled for Allergens? YES. Some of the menus listed gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free options.   

Are gluten-free drinks avaliable? YES. There was no shortage of distilled and non distilled beverages. They did not have gluten-free beer available.

Are the staff aware of gluten-free requirements? YES. The wait staff will go over gluten-free options on the menu or the chef will come to speak with you about your meal choices.

Are the staff trained in gluten-free procedures? To some extent. The wait staff is trained to bring the allergy letter provided by the resort or verbally let the chef know that a guest requires a gluten-free meal.

What procedures do they have in place if someone gets contaminated? To date, no one has reported a gluten contamination. They call a nearby doctor in the case of unknown allergic reactions.

Are there gluten-free room service options: YES, a few.


We did offer the conceirges the feedback about the number of menu and dessert options. Whether they pass it along to the head chef will remain to be seen by future gluten-free guests.

Menu Options:

Number of gluten-free options on the menu at the ala carte restaurants: Limited to one or two from each section.

Did they have gluten-free appetizers? YES. Limited to one or two and mostly salad.

Did they have dessert options available? YES. Limited to one option or fruit as an option.

Was there bar food? YES. The gluten-free bar menu consisted of only a salad but it is something, so we have to say, yes. The bar seemed to be the only “restaurant” that did not have a separate fryer.


The resort is a lovely property and staff appear knowledgable, but it sadly falls short on gluten-free options available, in our opinion. We encountered few menu options available and very limited dessert options that were to our liking.

We rated the resort 7/10 for the effort but, feel that if they went the extra mile, there are many options that can be made that are safe for everyone and would expand the gluten-free menu options temendously.

Disclaimer: This review is based on the experience that we had at this resort. The Gluten-Free Food Program is not responsible or liable for any recommendations made by the writer of this article.