Online Training for Restaurant Staff

As the awareness of gluten intolerance and celiac disease continues to grow, so does the demand for gluten-free options at restaurants. For individuals with celiac disease, consuming even small amounts of gluten can cause severe damage to their small intestine. Meanwhile, non-celiac gluten-sensitive individuals experience digestive discomfort when they consume gluten. It is crucial for restaurant staff to understand the dietary needs of celiacs and non-celiac gluten-free sensitive people to ensure safe and enjoyable dining experiences. Taking online training for restaurant staff, is a great way to make sure that everyone can dine safely.


The Gluten-Free Food Program offers a suite of professional online training courses called GF-Smart that are designed for selected staff, managers and servers. The program is online so it can be accessed anywhere, can be completed in one day and offers restaurants the ability to provide a safety promise to the gluten-free community.

Training Topics

Training topics include:

  • Understanding the dietary needs of celiacs and non-celiac gluten-free sensitive people.
  • Essential knowledge to effectively source ingredients, plan gluten-free menus, and prepare and serve gluten-free food.
  • Increase confidence and efficiency when dealing with a gluten-free request.
  • Improve customer engagement and receive fewer complaints.
  • Demonstrates social responsibility to the celiac community.
  • Promote an overall positive working environment and diner satisfaction.

Providing a Safe Experience

Providing safe and enjoyable gluten-free dining experiences requires knowledge and training in sourcing ingredients, planning menus, preparing and serving food, and engaging customers. With proper training, restaurants can meet the needs of gluten-free diners, demonstrate social responsibility, promote a positive working environment, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

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