Streamlime the Gluten- Free Certification Process

The Gluten-Free Food Program (GFFP) offers a seamless and practical approach to gluten-free certification by streamlining the gluten-free certification process. We get to know your management system, gluten-free best practices, and brand standards. Doing so enables us to minimize or eliminate costly duplications and certification approval procedures.

Streamlining the Gluten-Free Certification Process

The GFFP offers a practical and streamlined approach to gluten-free certification, focusing on globally accepted preventative, gluten-free safety approaches for manufacturing gluten-free products. This process includes rigorous standards and best practices, ensuring that products meet the strictest industry requirements of 5 ppm (parts-per-million) or less for gluten. The program is adaptable to both dedicated and non-dedicated gluten-free production facilities, as long as they conform to GFFP standards.

Benefits of GFFP Certification

Obtaining the GFFP certification offers several advantages. It not only increases consumer confidence and trust but also demonstrates the legitimacy of a manufacturer’s gluten-free processes. The certification is particularly beneficial as it meets government Gluten-Free Food Labeling Rules in the U.S., Canada, and other international standards. Additionally, GFFP certification helps companies quickly get new products to market, expanding sales opportunities. The program is endorsed by the National Celiac Association, which adds a layer of credibility and helps in building long-term customer loyalty.

Cost-Effectiveness and Value-Added Services

The cost of obtaining the GFFP certification varies depending on company size and product complexity. Importantly, GFFP ensures transparency in its pricing, avoiding hidden charges. Beyond certification, GFFP offers value-added services such as marketing and promotional support, helping certified companies reach the gluten-free community and health-conscious shoppers more effectively.

Commitment to Gluten-Free Excellence

Since its establishment in 2004, GFFP has been a leader in gluten-free certification, offering comprehensive, practical, and affordable certification programs. Their certification assures consumers that gluten-free products meet the highest industry standards. GFFP also provides opportunities for free business and product listings on our consumer-focused website, to enhance brand exposure and loyalty.

Why Choose GFFP?

GFFP stands out due to its comprehensive approach, which includes regulatory compliance, stringent testing methods, product traceability, and certification auditing procedures. Their expertise in gluten-free compliance and dedication to customer service excellence makes them a preferred partner in gluten-free certification.

In essence, the GFFP’s certification program is designed to be practical, efficient, and non-intrusive to day-to-day business operations, while ensuring the highest standards of gluten-free safety and consumer trust.

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