Gluten-Free Community has Three Core Groups for Food Industry Establishments

Food service industry establishments must be aware that the gluten-free community has three core groups, in order to gain a competitive edge in the gluten-free market.

Three Core Groups:

These three groups consist of the following:

Celiac: 1%

Celiac disease is a serious autoimmune disease that occurs in genetically predisposed people where the ingestion of gluten leads to damage in the small intestine.

Gluten-Intolerant: 7%

Gluten intolerance, also called gluten sensitivity or non-celiac gluten sensitivity, is a disorder where your body reacts badly to eating gluten but does not cause the damage to the intestine that celiac disease does.

Lifestyle: 12%

Some people go gluten-free because they believe it can help control health problems.

Understanding the Community:

Understanding the gluten-free community is the important for success. Food service industry establishments who cater to all three core groups have a higher chance of gaining a competitive edge compared to other similar businesses.

The stats tell us that a total of 8% of the population requires gluten-free food for medical reasons, and an overall 20% of people eat gluten-free for sports reasons, to feel better or for other health reasons.

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