Gluten-Free Certification for Restaurants

Stay Competitive in the Restaurant Business with Gluten-Free Certification

The Gluten-Free Food Program is committed to helping establishments remain competitive in the restaurant business with gluten-free certification. The gluten-free marketplace is growing rapidly so the food service industry has to keep up with consumer demands. We want our GFFP Approved and Dedicated establishments to achieve lasting customers who come back again and again because they know that they can dine safely without the risk of cross contamination.

We provide gluten-free standards, best-in-class conformance specifications and GF-Smart™ Training specifically designed for the food service industry. GFFP benefits a wide range of businesses including restaurants, fast food outlets, cafes, schools and universities. It also provides an advantage for seniors’ residences, hospitals, caterers and remote camps. We can’t forget other dining facilities like executive dining rooms, hotels and convention centers as well. Implementation of the GFFP’s Standards increases consumer confidence and assures diners that food handling procedures are reviewed regularly.

Steps to Becoming GFFP Certified

1. Complete our pre-certification questionnaire

To understand your readiness for GFFP certification, the evaluation form is provided to understand and assess key factors about your existing operations and methods for preparing and serving gluten-free food.

2. Schedule your Certification Review

An essential part of GFFP certification is staff training. Included with certification your establishment will receive three (3) complimentary GF-SmartTM training sessions for selected staff. Training topics include planning and managing a gluten-free kitchen, ingredient sourcing & storage practices, gluten-free food preparation, customer engagement & serving practices, and gluten management strategies for avoiding cross-contamination. 

3. Receive your GFFP Certificate of Recognition (COR)

Once all GFFP requirements are consistently met, your GFFP review is scheduled with your GFFP representative. We recommend that you schedule a time for the review with minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

At the conclusion of the review, the auditor will schedule a time to present the review results. If corrective actions are required, a reasonable timeline will be established to implement and confirm the corrections have been made. We will provide personalized help to guide, support and facilitate the action process, if required.

4. Complete GF-Smart Training

Upon certification approval you receive your GFFP Certificate of Recognition (COR). notifying you that your gluten-free products meet the requirements for gluten-free certification.

You also receive electronic copies of the GFFP Certified Mark of trust™ logo for use in your marketing communications, menus and windows. The logo clearly lets customers know that your establishment is certified gluten-free, keeping your business competitive in the market.

Stay competitive in the restaurant business. Our certification programs include a free business listing on Gf-finder is our consumer-focused directory dedicated to helping gluten-free consumers know where to find trusted GFFP certified establishments.

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