gluten cross contamination

Why Your Restaurant Staff Should Take Professional Training

Prevent gluten cross contamination with GF-Smart™ professional training for managers, servers, and back-of-house staff, covering the essential aspects of providing safe gluten-free foods within a commercial kitchen. The program covers topics critical to the safe purchasing and production of gluten-free food. There are many reasons to prevent cross contamination in your kitchen, check out this article from Coeliac Australia on why you should avoid cross contamination.

Here are four reasons why your restaurant should have staff take professional training for gluten-free food safety:

Access Anywhere

Training is online, allowing you and your team to access the training modules from anywhere any time. Complete your exam anytime – no need to schedule in advance.

Same-Day Certificate

Complete the training today, or take unlimited days to finish. Your certificate is given electronically as soon as you pass the course.

Safety Commitment

Serving gluten-free is a health and safety promise. Training your staff emphasizes your ability to deliver on that promise.

Employee Engagement

Trained staff are more confident and engaged. Knowledgeable employees are critical to a safe and reliable customer experience.

GF-Smart™ Helps Participants Prevent gluten cross contamination by:

  • Understanding the medical rationale of a gluten-free diet for people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.
  • Planning and managing a gluten-free kitchen.
  • Avoiding gluten cross-contamination.
  • Providing better customer service and receive fewer complaints.
  • Improving job efficiency and job satisfaction for staff.
  • Being socially responsible.

Course Information: There are no prerequisites required.

Don’t delay, get your GF-Smart™ training certificate today. Enroll now.